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An open universe is one where it is CANONICALLY possible for characters of that universe to interact with characters from other open universes. Have an open universe? Let's affiliate groups!
Also, check out UniversalSpecies – they accept closed and semi-closed universes as well as open and semi-open universes!
Founded 7 Months ago
Oct 22, 2016


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Art Collection

139 Members
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2,431 Pageviews
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So... wanna be a Contributor? :meow:
You must:
- know what an Open Universe is
- have at least one Open Universe character
- have an Admin slot open
- know and respect the group rules:
    - Please be polite and respectful
    - No Mature Content please
    - This group is for Open Universes, no closed universe stuff please
- comment here on this journal with the password "potato"
- that's it, really :D


Contributors can submit ten things to each folder per day. 
They can invite to Members.
Their submissions are automatically approved.
They can even submit to Featured!

Hi! Cat here, with an event! 

Follow these simple steps for a free Custom Imagineko and a free Custom FizzyCat!

About Imaginekos
Basics: StatusStamp - OpenUniverse StatusStamp - Semi-Closed Species 

Imaginekos are catlike magical beings. 
They are kind, loyal, compassionate, playful, friendly and silly. 
They are very catlike:

Despite their feline appearance, they are herbivores and are strictly nonviolent. They also can photosynthesize like plants can.
They hatch from eggs. The eggs seem to come out of nowhere, formed from pure magic (Imaginekos do not reproduce, and although they usually have pronoun preferences, there is no biological basis to their genders). Usually, the eggs hatch when somebeing promises to look after them. Sometimes, the eggs hatch too early, which is why sometimes there are adoptable kittens.
They make excellent pets or familiars for kind beings. They do not care what species or gender other beings are. What they care about is kindness

FizzyCats :iconFizzyCat-Galaxy:
FizzyCats are magical fizzy cat-shaped beings made of pure magic. They can change shape and size, condense into a single blob or divide into a mist, exist in any environment, and go to any world. They form from raw magic in places with too much. They are kind, gentle creatures. They do not eat, drink, or breathe. They exist forever once formed. 

When first formed, a FizzyCat will travel around, between universes, completely at random. They continue to do this until they find a place where they feel at home. They then continue traveling, but always return to that place.
They can separate a part of themselves and create a new FizzyCat, and multiple FizzyCats can mix pieces of themselves together and create a FizzyCat that resembles them all.
FizzyCats can temporarily merge. During this, they share memories. They will appear to be a larger FizzyCat with a personality somewhere between the a

Results will be on base (bases made by Cat), fully shaded, 720×1280 pixels on each side, digitally painted images drawn in Sketchbook.

1. Join (or already be in) Imagineko-OC-Group and OpenUniverses . Be sure to read the group rules and species rules! 

2. Make a journal, poll or status update advertising the group OpenUniverses, tagged #openuniverse and #openuniverses in the tag box, and comment on this journal with a link to it.

3. Fill out these forms:

Imagineko form:
Type: (Rain, Leaf, Star, Fire, Shadow, or Sea)
Pronouns: (anything but "it")
Colours: (including where the colours go)
Any rarity stuff, within reason: (no unique traits)

FizzyCat form: 
Theme (optional):

4. (Optional) If you have your own Original Species, use one of AquaPyrofan's status stamps on the species reference description and/or the homepage of the group(s) for one extra FizzyCat!
5. (Optional) If your Original Species is in an Open Universe, affiliate groups with OpenUniverses and Imagineko-OC-Group for one extra Imagineko!… A forum for Open and Closed Universes - related discussions.
Please be polite and respectful
No Mature Content please
This group is for Open Universes, no closed universe stuff please
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BoingChan Featured By Owner May 12, 2017
Hello! Would it be alright to affiliate with :iconthe-celestials:? It's a roleplay group, which brings together all kinds of species from across the universe and even across dimensions, so I thought it would be super cool to get some exposure and attract more members with some unique species ^^
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Heartcrocher Featured By Owner Edited Apr 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for accepting me. :)
Zeemmy99 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
i would like to join <3
HareSoup Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
What a cool idea for a group! c:
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DreamWalker-Elphaba Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*me and imaginekos slide in* hai....XD happy to be here :3 ima stroll around the species if ok X3
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